• Early reviews are in: “A Visual History of the American Presidency”

     By Eliza Keller

    (Originally published on April 30, 2010)

    We recently put out a beta version of our upcoming print, A Visual History of the American Presidency, on Mturk for proofreading and suggestions for improvement. We’re still working out the final kinks and incorporating suggestions from beta users/viewers, but we’re looking forward to a release soon! (The release is here now! - edited in September, 2012) In the meantime, check out some turkers’ reviews:

    • “I felt that the chart was very informative and useful.”
    • “Overall: Great looking poster, the graphs and charts make it easier and more interesting to read. [The] simple color scheme is appealing to the eye.”
    • “I thought this chart was very informative and historically accurate.”
    • “I found the abundance of information enriching!”
    • “I like the poster. It’s clear and easy to read.”
    • “Overall, I found it fascinating… The poster is very informative and displays a ton of information is a graphic and engaging way.”
    • “Excellent document.”
    • “I like the overall presentation of the chart. It was easy to follow and whoever made it did a good job.”
    • “The chart is well designed and the information seems accurate and useful.”
    • “I found the chart very interesting (I’m not American so it taught me a lot).”
    • “The poster is amazing… I really think your poster is textbook worthy. Very well detailed and very accurate.”

    Click to take a closer look of A Visual History of the American Presidency, and/ or click to send us your feedback!

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