• A Visual History of the US Supreme Court

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    This large-scale (48″x32″) print displays the full sweep of American federal judicial history from 1789 to 2010. It combines biographical information on every Supreme Court justice with a visualization of the influence of U.S. presidents and their political parties on the Court over time, and includes vote counts and summaries of landmark cases. We hope that those interested in the Court and judicial history—including lawyers, policymakers, and history buffs—will find this a useful and engaging product.

    A Visual History of the Supreme Court represents the culmination of many months of careful research, design, and consultation with experts. 

    Because we take pride in our work, we are pleased to offer our customers a premium product: the Timeplot is printed on highest-quality 100-lb archival paper and measures a full 48 x 32 inches, much larger than a standard wall poster.

    The printing process is certified “green” by the Forest Stewardship Council and uses elemental chlorine-free paper.

    what others say:

    “My first impression when I unraveled the poster was WOW! The eyes can have a field day staring at this enormous, data-rich poster. Everything about it says high quality… A good infographic is like reading a book, only in a much more efficiently digestible manner. That is the feel I get with this poster. It displays multiple dimensions of information, complemented nicely with annotation… Infographics truly do not get much better than this.”
    -Justin Wehr, Wehr in the World

    “Beautiful product!”
    -David Mayhew, Professor of Political Science, Yale University

    A Visual History of the Supreme Court is a masterful data visualization.  We framed a copy and hung it on the wall at Fastcase: informative, fascinating and beautiful. Anyone who cares about the history of the Supreme Court should purchase a copy immediately.”
    -Ed Walters, CEO, Fastcase.com

    “If you (like us) keep going back to the Wikipedia list of Supreme Court justices since 1789, you might try a more aesthetic way to get your information: the new Timeplots poster, A Visual History of the Supreme Court of the United States. The ‘niche info art’ poster displays in granular detail the entire history of the Court’s justices, cases, and context… [and] into that basic structure it sneaks a wealth of other information about the Court’s important decisions, events, and personnel.”
    -Erin Miller, SCOTUSblog

    “Really spectacular!”
    -Bert Johnson, Associate Professor of Political Science, Middlebury College

    “This is a really great visualization. In just one poster, the authors convey a tremendous amount of relevant information to the end user. I would highly recommend acquiring this visualization for any SCOTUS fan on your holiday list!”
    -Daniel Martin Katz, Computational Legal Studies Blog

    “This chart works well on two levels: The broad flow of judges displays clear shifts in partisanship through time, and the many details draw in the reader while providing critical information about significant players, cases, and events. I’m a fan.”
    -Steve Ansolabehere, Professor of Government, Harvard University

    “Intriguing and complex.”
    -Edward Tufte, EdwardTufte.com

    “Ingenious and alluring… Its method of presentation invites the intellectual curiosity associated with those who follow the Court. The method is novel… like a composer’s appeal to both form and substance, the ‘listener’ is taken deeper into the meaning by way of both.”
    -Thomas Kosmo, President, The Mentor Group Boston

    “Wow. This is very cool. Can I just say I want a copy?”
    -Jeffrey L. Fisher; Associate Professor of Law and Co-Director, Supreme Court Litigation Clinic; Stanford University Law Professor

    The Visual History of the Supreme Court has a tremendous amount of valuable information packed into one print.  Outstanding level of detail!  The closer you get, the more you find.”
    -Randy Krum, www.coolinfographics.com

    “As the Czar of FantasySCOTUS.net, I can say that A Visual History of the Supreme Court of the United States provides a fantastic overview of the history of the Supreme Court, and how the ebb and flow of appointments have corresponded to some of the great landmark cases. I would definitely recommend this print to any SCOTUS aficionado.”
    -Josh Blackman, FantasySCOTUS.net

    “This is high art. I hope every school in America will display this.”
    -David K. Bain; CEO, Viral Media Productions, LLC

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