• A Visual History of the US Senate

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    This large-scale (32″x48″) print is like nothing else available on the history of the U.S. Senate. It depicts the progression in political ideology of every Senate seat from 1789 to 2010. Easily trace the history of each state’s two seats over time, and track party leadership and control as new states enter the Union. 

    Other highlights include a timeline of over 100 major legislative enactments and significant developments in Senate history, and visual summaries of party control and ideological distribution of the House and Senate in each Congress. A Visual History of the U.S. Senate is packed with information and is not intended to be absorbed at a glance, but rather visited and revisited over time. 
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    what others say:

    “These are a great works of graphic design and political history. From a distance, they provide a succinct summary of over 200 years of political history. Up close, you can pull out important details about the politics of any particular era. It works on many levels, ranging from conversation starter to teaching tool. There really is nothing like it.” 
    – Charles Stewart III, Professor of Political Science, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    “Timeplots brings home the big picture of American political history.” 
    - Howard Rosenthal, Professor of Politics, NYU, Professor of Social Sciences, Emeritus, Princeton University

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